Arrive at RD congress Take a break!

The first Congress Iberoamerican against the Burnout Take a break! arrives in the Dominican Republic to promote the habit of taking a conscious stop to achieve a balanced life between productivity and welfare staff.

The event, which will be held in Casa de Campo (La Romana) between June 29 and July 2, 2023, aims to draw attention to this syndrome, defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the result of “chronic stress in the workplace, which has not been successfully managed”.

Organized by Vacation Is a Human Right Foundation (VIAHR), the Congress brings together business owners, senior executives, leaders in areas such as human resources, coaching, as well as experts in physical and mental health, from Latin America, the United States and Europe.


Through 12 powerful interventions by speakers from around the world, as well as interviewees and life stories, it seeks to create a space for inspiration and education that helps to overcome and prevent the syndrome. burnout.

Take a break! will address three major thematic areas: productivity, welfare personal and conscious pause, topics that will be discussed and analyzed by a select group of speakers including journalists, neuroscientists, mental health advisers and doctors, among others.

Arrive at RD congress Take a break!


Ismael Cala will be the moderator of the congress, but he will also share advice with the attendees, through his conference “Flow so as not to suffer”. For her part, Bisila Bokoko, a businesswoman, philanthropist and recipient of the 2019 World Citizen Award by the UN, will offer the participants techniques to get out of the Burnoutsharing his own personal experience, and will emphasize the importance of self-care.

Along the same lines, María Méndez, founder of Vacation is a Human Right and who suffered the consequences of burnoutwill share her experiences, and what she has learned on a path that led her to help other people.

Arrive at RD congress Take a break!


Get tools to deal with it burnout It will not only represent a benefit for people, but also for the companies in which they work, since, according to studies, the consequences of this syndrome usually cost the world economy around 1 trillion dollars.

After this meeting, attendees will be able to facilitate more productive and humanized work spaces; and find the balance, putting into practice the tools received, as well as detect early and accurately the burnout and, in general, improve the work environment in their companies.

Registration for this congress is open, those interested only have to enter the link in “Register here” and complete a form with their data.

The price of tickets for the First Congress Iberoamerican against the Burnout Take a break! It varies depending on the type of room you choose. You can check the prices here.

Since 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes that the burnout it is a major public health problem and is included in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) as a work-related syndrome. This condition leads to multiple consequences for the welfare of people, through physical and mental symptoms, difficulties at work, interpersonal relationships and problems of interest and motivation, among others.

The goal will be that participants can learn about actionable tools that allow them to be more productive, but without their welfare be affected.

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