Atlético Grau footballers participated in a party, but will not be separated from the club

Peruvian soccer. On the occasion of the end of the year parties, two players from Athletic Grau from Piura were captured as part of those attending a party, despite the restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a video released by the Facebook page Fiesta Deportiva, the footballers are observed Neil Marcos Y Dahwling Leudo in a massive social gathering.

Faced with this situation, the club president, Arturo Rios pointed out to Libero newspaper that for him this issue does not constitute indiscipline, since the players “were on their day off” and “what happens is that they let themselves be captured by the camera”.

For this reason, he indicated that the footballers are still at the club and that the situation is handled internally.

This fact was presented days before the coronavirus tests that the campus passed and that showed that two players of the white cast are infected with COVID-19, for which the respective isolation was proceeded.

As recalled, this situation has led to the suspension of scheduled meetings between Athletic Grau and Alianza Atlético de Sullana.

The League 1 championship will start on January 21, however, both on January 8 and 15, the Patrimonio de Piura will play friendly matches against Mannucci de Trujillo.