ATV driver ‘throws out’ Jimmy Santi and calls him a liar and rude after making a live rock [VIDEO]

Not like that, Jimmy!

A few days ago, the singer Jimmy Santi was a guest on the ATV program ‘Punto de vista’, everything was going well until the popular ‘Chin Chin’ had to sing one of his songs from his repertoire; However, he was upset because the track was not there and he roared the host Katty Villalobos and her production team.

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Everything was recorded live, so the followers of the young driver made her roche in the TikTok application and she came out to defend herself and tell her truth with proof of who was really to blame for the misunderstanding she had. The ATV reporter said that what the singer did was not polite on his part and that they thought to invite him to the program again, but with his behavior this possibility ended.

“People say that I am lying that Jimmy could not do that shame to me live, yes he did, but I told something that is true, he left me standing with Koky Salgado, he gave me total disdain because his team did not give us the song that he wanted to sing, he gave us Chin Chin and he blamed my team, when we released the song, we didn’t have it, his team got confused and left us stranded and then his production team apologized to me, let’s show the evidence “, said.

“In the end Jimmy decides to sing Chin Chin, but in the end he disappears and leaves me with Koky, so I have to laugh, the idea was to invite him to another newscast, I had to communicate with the producer and they asked me to apologize for the case and they accepted. his mistake,” he added.

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Jimmy Santi received threats after asking the elderly to vote in elections

The singer said that he is the victim of various threats for encouraging the elderly to vote in the last elections of 2021.

“Nobody paid me to make that video, I did it from the heart because I want to live in democracy and I love my Peru, but there are people who do not understand and call to threaten me, they insult me ​​on social networks,” he argued.