Austin Palao after spending New Year with Flavia Laos: “There are memories that have a beautiful smile”

Are you excited? Austin Palao is on everyone’s lips after spending the New Year with Flavia Laos in an unexpected way, and now he had a pronouncement that gave a lot to talk about.

The former reality boy made his first publication in social networks since the beginning of 2022 with the influencer and other friends of hers, and surprised his followers.

Without mincing words, Austin palao joined Flavia Laos, who said she had a lot of fun on New Years, and reflected after the start of the year with a post on her official Instagram account.

“There are memories that have a nice smile,” was what the former EEG member said, and many began to speculate that he was talking about the model because they were both happy and laughing during the celebration.

Along with his words, Austin palao He shared some pictures of himself that would have been taken in a session during his days in the Power of Love in Turkey. Here he looks serious.

The post quickly received thousands of ‘likes’ from his followers, including some entertainment figures such as Miguel Arce, among others. Will they know something?

Brunella on alleged romance between Austin and Flavia: “I hope it’s the summer fever”

Brunella Horna made it clear that she does not minimize Austin Palao, but that Flavia Laos must understand that she is the ex-partner of Luciana Fuster, who is now dating Patricio Parodi.

“I would not like Flavia to fall into that game that I’m with your ex too, that’s what I mean … Let’s hope it’s just a summer love, the summer fever, but stay there so as not to comment on those things” , he specified.