Austin Palao confirms that his relationship with Yillian Atkinson ended: “We have a good friendship”

On Wednesday December 22, Austin palao was interviewed by Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter on the set of Amor y Fuego, in Willax. The former member of This is War spoke about his experience in the Turkish reality show El poder del amor and the Puerto Rican model, Yillian Atkinson, with whom he made a connection in recent weeks.

However, to the disappointment of fans of the Team Ausllian As the couple was nicknamed, the interpreter of “You love me” confirmed that the relationship with the Puerto Rican had come to an end.

The 27-year-old model pointed to the format of The Power of Love and the few weeks they were together as factors against.

“The program was about to end and time was not with us enough, and I had these music projects,” he said.

“And the truth, a relationship as such could not have been given by time, by distance, and I feel that if you are with someone it is to give your 100%. (She) is super cute. It was a very natural connection. We have a very good friendship, we have the same thought ”, he assured, refusing to qualify his connection with Yillian Atkinson as a ‘hit and run’, as Rodrigo González put it.

That same day, hours after appearing in Amor y Fuego, Austin Palao participated in a live on Instagram, from the account of Alejandra Baigorria, partner of his brother Said Palao where he answered what he liked about the OnlyFans model.

“His naturalness. She is a very outgoing girl. We have many things in common, when we speak, laughter is never lacking, so there are no uncomfortable silences. I think that is very important. And sometimes the looks speak a lot, and with her I had it and I am left with how beautiful it was, “he said.