Austin Palao defends Yillian Atkinson after losing his Instagram account due to fan reports

December 6th, Austin palao He spoke out for the actions taken by various groups of followers of The Power of Love to remove the Instagram accounts and other social networks of the participants who do not enjoy their favoritism. Precisely, the last affected was the Puerto Rican model of OnlyFans, Yillian Atkinson who is the romantic interest in the Turkish reality of the former EEG member.

The interpreter of “You love me” and “I do not want to lose you” pointed out that it seemed unfair that users externalize what happens in reality and affect the work of the participants in real life.

“We use the boys’ Instagram accounts as a means of work. I think it is somewhat unfair that, for certain things on a show, a reality show, they are transferred to real life and in the form of malice they conspire to download an account “ express.

“When reality is stranger than fiction, these are the things that happen. Enjoy the show. Enough of fanaticism. In this last week of recording, the only thing we want to leave is good memories ”, he added and published a photograph with Yillian Atkinson.

That same day, the 21-year-old Puerto Rican announced on Twitter that her Instagram was reported and taken down. “They knocked me down, that is enough proof of what I’m talking about” express.

The words of Yillian Atkinson would refer to what happened in chapter 112 of The Power of Love, which was published on YouTube on December 6. At that gala, the model expressed her annoyance at the affectionate treatment that Andreina Bravo would have with Austin Palao, and suggests that it was the followers of the Ecuadorian who attack her social networks.