Austin Palao ignores Flavia Laos’s ampay with Jay Alvarrez and goes out with Hugo García: “Good meeting”

Isn’t it with him? Austin Palao was on everyone’s lips a few days ago when they spent New Years with Flavia Laos and being linked, but now the story would be different and he broke his silence.

Amor y fuego surprised by sharing images of the model showing off affectionate with Jay Alvarrez at the Jorge Chávez airport, and now both are enjoying their trip together to Cusco, according to Instarándula.

For this reason, many wanted to know the reaction of Austin palao, And through social networks, he was shown for the first time since the pictures of Flavia Laos Y Jay Alvarrez.

In the stories of his official account on Instagram, the reality boy ignored the ampay and let it be seen that he would not be bothered by going out to eat with Hugo Garcia, And his brother Ayrton.

Around here I ordered a Milanese, but it’s a Milanese salad … Oh, and on top of that, you grow a mustache how big. Listen to me, how are you going to ask that then brother? Garcia had to be, how ugly, “he said when trolling his friend.

Next, Hugo García also published images of Austin palao with the description: “How are you meeting”, which he later shared on his platform saying: “Good meeting”.

Jay Alvarrez after his trip to Peru with Flavia Laos: “I never imagined it would end here”

In their stories, Jay alvarrez He surprised his followers by showing himself from Lima, Peru, despite the fact that only a few days ago he had been in Hawaii, USA, and shared a video.

The American published images of the Peruvian coastline on his platform, and dedicated a striking message after being supported with Flavia Laos. “I never imagined it would end here,” he said.