Austin Palao joins his fans and “claims” Flavia Laos after her operation: “You abandon me”

Do not tell him! In recent days, Flavia Laos was criticized for going on a trip to Miami, United States, and looking happy when Austin Palao stayed in Peru to undergo surgery, and now the unexpected happened: He himself took it out on his face.

All this occurred despite the fact that the Too Hot To Handle figure had gone out in his social networks to defend himself against the questions, alleging that he went abroad for work reasons and not for fun, just as he had said that as soon as he set foot on Peruvian soil he would go see him.

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It was the own Flavia Laos who shared a moment in privacy with austin palau, and complained that he just lay there playing on his console all day after his operation. “Like this for the whole day, I left it like this in the morning (playing video games),” he said in a clip on his official Twitter account. instagram.

However, the influencer He did not count on his partner joining the massive request from fans and making it clear that he does not like his repeated absences, claiming him with everything. “Well, that’s why you’re leaving me,” she told him.

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Flavia Laos defends herself against Austin Palao

Upon hearing this comment, Flavia Laos was visibly shocked and defended himself. Austin Palao, stressing that it was all because of his work. “Me? I don’t abandon you, love! I work!”, she explained.

Despite this, the popular ‘Pretty‘ He did not give up, while he continued to focus on his video game. “You’re leaving me,” he sentenced, and his lover told him: “I have to work then.” At this, he only managed to answer: “Mmmm”, but she continued to stand firm. “Look at my stories!” He stressed, but her partner did not respond to him anymore. Oops!