Avatar 2 dreams of breaking records

The 20th Century Fox studio estimates that “Avatar: The Way of Water” could bill approximately 175 million dollars on its opening weekend, which would be an important step in its aspiration to break the record for the original film, the most lucrative in history.

Their forecasts this Wednesday pointed to the fact that the ticket office initial of “avatar 2” could oscillate, depending on various variables, between 150 and 200 million dollars at its launch on Friday, December 16 and the following Saturday and Sunday.

There are no figures on the cost of the tape, although at first the media pointed out that its production budget alone was around 250 million dollars.

The global phenomenon “Avatar” promoted her as the movie most successful of all time with 2.850 million dollars of total collection, but on the weekend of its premiere, back in 2009, it pocketed only 77.

Thirteen years later, “Avatar: The Way of Water” (Avater: El Sentido del Agua”, in Spanish) has become the flagship of Hollywood to try to deal with the bleeding of the public experienced in theaters worldwide. after the pandemic and after the emergence of the different streaming platforms.

With a 3D proposal and using IMAX hemispherical screen technology, the creation of James Cameron will see if the industry is prepared to revitalize viewers’ interest in enjoying content in conventional theaters.

The new “Avatar” will have the advantage that the Government of China (more than 1,400 million inhabitants) authorized its simultaneous release to the surprise of the US industry, after having opted in recent times for awarding inconvenient dates to releases from Hollywood.

This decision contrasts with the recent dynamics of China, which, in the midst of various geopolitical tensions with the United States, had chosen to boost its national film sector and allow the Hollywood films that permeated its market in small amounts.

In addition, the path has been partially paved for the aquatic version of “Avatar”, whose release date was postponed several times due to the health crisis and which will not have to share the limelight on the day of its release with what was its Strongest Rival: “Shazam! Fury of the Gods.”

The Warner Bros. studio produces this tape of the DC Comics saga that was also scheduled to be released on December 16, but was finally delayed to March 17 to avoid competing with Cameron’s tape.

In the hypothetical case that “Avatar: The Way of Water” can emulate the billing of its predecessor, the process will be long, with premieres and screenings for months in different countries and with possible reruns.

Last fall, the franchise released a reissue of “Avatar” that earned it another $785 million and, if it were a movie independent, it would have placed it as the fourth highest grossing of all time.

The cast of “Avatar: The Way of Water”, a 3 hour and 12 minute film, is led by Zoe Saldaña, Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver and Kate Winslet.

20th Century Studios plans to develop a total of five films in the “Avatar” saga, which would be released every two years and would end its legacy in 2028.