Axé Bahía: what happened to the dancer Jefferson Barbosa and why was his death a mystery?

Axé Bahia, 20 years old” is the show that celebrates the two decades of the Brazilian group that made Latin America dance to the rhythm of the axé with the themes “Kiss on the mouth”, “Wave wave” and “Crank Dance”. The concert —broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook— was joined by Charly Sosa, ‘Chocolate’, The Symbol, Blue Blue, Ana Kohler, Skándalo and Exporto Brasil as guests. However, along with Flaviana Seeling, Francini Amaral and Bruno Zaretti Two other original members are not there: the Barbosa brothers, separated in 2014 for being “irresponsible”, according to Jociney Barbosa, who still mourns the tragic death of Jefferson Barbosa, which occurred in 2016.

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What happened to Jefferson Barbosa? How did he die?

On Friday, April 22, 2016, at an average of 9:00 p.m., the “24 horas” newscast reported that the dancer from Axé Bahía Jefferson Fabiano Barbosa, 40 years old, committed suicide after falling from a height of 47 meters, from a building located at the intersection of Manuel Rodríguez avenue with General Mackenna street, in Santiago de Chile. The event occurred between 7 and 8 am The collection of his body was done after 3:00 pm

While the information was developing, Flaviana Seeling and Bruno Zaretti, their former colleagues at Axé Bahía, called the program live. “I want to believe that it is not true”, expressed one of them.

A first version indicated that Jefferson Barbosa had been in a meeting with the reality boy José Luis Concha —known as Junior Playboy, ex-participant of the dating show “40 y 20”— and the Brazilian Mila Correaformer member of the reality show “Amor a prueba”.

The situation took another turn when an audio from Junior Playboy was leaked via WhatsApp claiming to be responsible for the death of the former member of Axé Bahía. “I threw out the Jefferson. I accidentally pushed him, we were dancing”. The reality boy acknowledged that the audio was real, but that he recorded it in shock. And he blamed the spread on Rodrigo Wainrightcouple of Dominique Gallego (former member of the reality show “Peloton” and queen of the Viña Festival 2013). “It was taken out of context. I am not a murderer and God knows it.” he told the Chilean portal El Navegable.

“People who say they are close call the show making up stories. That he was at a party and other lies. They didn’t know anything.” expressed Jociney Barbosa weeks later. His parents Carlos Lourenco Barbosa and Telma Santos Barbosa, who lived in the Brazilian city of Curitiba, found out what happened on television and contacted her via Skype to confirm. Later it was revealed that Jefferson Barbosa left a letter and a farewell audio. “I hope that one day they can forgive me. God bless you all”. When the investigation ended, the remains of the former member of Axé Bahía were repatriated to his home in Brazil.

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Axé Bahía: the mystery behind the death of Jefferson Barbosa

The chronology of the death of the Axé Bahía dancer, Jefferson Barbosa, details that he was in deep depression because of what happened to his daughter Ixchel Anastassia Barbosa Beytia, then 13 years old.

On April 19, the Chilean Pamela Beytia, mother of the dancer’s daughter, asked him to pick up the girl from school. However, he was detained by the Police at the place, after the teachers of the Maipú Experimental High School called the authorities, after hearing that Ixchel Barbosa confided to a friend that he had been the victim of improper touching by the father of he.

Jefferson Barbosa was released after two hours of interrogation by the prosecutor on duty from the Santiago Central North Prosecutor’s Office. According to his brother Jociney Barbosa, he was left in shock. “I was bad psychologically. He would say: ‘My life is over, everything is over’, because she didn’t know what to do. He had no idea what was going on.” told the morning “Welcome”.

As it became known, hours before his death, Jefferson Barbosa received a call from Pamela Beytía, inciting him to end his life, as the Brazilian model revealed months later Clarisse Lima, former member of Axé Bahía and partner of Jociney Barbosa at that time. “Jociney picks up the phone and says: ‘Please, any questions or problems you have, contact our lawyer. Don’t call Jefferson anymore.’ And she answers: ‘Tomorrow I’m going to denounce your brother and have him disappear’”.

A month after the death of Jefferson Barbosa, Pamela Beytía gave an interview to “True Lies” and acknowledged that she made the call without going into details, and, on the contrary, said: “I was never his friend, partner, I never loved him. For me, Jefferson was a very bad dream of my life. Nothing happens to me with his death ”.

The official complaint against Jefferson Barbosa for undue touching his daughter was never made.