Baby was kidnapped from her mother’s arms in Costa Rica: suspicions point to the father

The abduction of a 9-month-old baby from the hands of her 13-year-old mother in Costa Rica He is one week old and the suspicions of the authorities point more and more towards a man with the last name Cassasola, who is in custody and who this Monday, April 17, It was confirmed that he is the father of the girl.

The director of the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ), Randall Zúñiga, told reporters on Monday that the DNA test carried out on the suspect confirmed that he is the father of the baby and that, therefore, the crime of rape is attributed to him, since the mother is a minor who is currently 13 years old.

“The father is the subject with the last name Cassasola, who is detained on suspicion of child abduction and, now, the crime of rape has been added to him,” Zúñiga declared.

The director of the OIJ affirmed that, in the next few hours, a new investigation will be carried out on the suspect to try to get him to collaborate to find the girl.

Zúñiga confirmed that, last Thursday, April 13, the agents found baby clothes with traces of blood in a canal in the province of Cartago (center) and also that forensic tests are awaiting to determine if they are the clothes of the missing child.

The kidnapping of the baby happened last Sunday, when the mother was in a street selling numbers for a raffle, and a man took the baby from her arms and fled to some fields in the Cervantes area, Cartago province.

The case has shocked the society of Costa Rica and has had the authorities in an intense search that has not yielded results so far.

The OIJ arrested the suspect named Cassasola, 34, who was the stepfather of the 13-year-old teenager and that today it was confirmed that he is the father of her baby.

Last Tuesday, a court ordered six months of preventive detention against the man while the case is investigated.

The main hypothesis is that Cassasola kidnapped the baby to avoid a paternity test that he had scheduled for last Wednesday and avoid being accused of rape.

The case has opened a debate in Costa Rican society about improper relationships and the gender violence, as well as the role of state authorities, families and society in general in the fight against these scourges.

The Minister for Children and Adolescents, Gloriana López, stated last week that it is reviewing whether public institutions and the State in general gave a comprehensive response and took protection measures for both minors.

The official made a call to stop normalizing sexual violence and improper relationships.