Bachatero Donald Medina presents his new musical album

Donal Medina continues to strengthen his musical career. On this occasion he presented his third album entitled “14 de Febrero”, a production with which he seeks to reach the heart of the Dominican people with his melodious voice and contagious rhythm.

The singer and producer based in Barcelona, ​​Spain in this new proposal brings a different concept as his slogan says, but without losing the essence of Creole bachata.

The album consists of 6 songs, February 14, I’m not lying, The envious (promotion), I’m dying, Tell me if you will come and Crazy are you. “I want to present my most recent bachata musical project to my beloved Dominican Republic, with its own style in each song and an informative message,” says the exponent.

The album is inspired by songs for all tastes. I sing with feeling to love and lack of love. I try to produce songs adapted to the different sentimental situations that human beings go through, adds the native bachatero from a remote community called Batey de Commander, Elías Piña province.

Confidence in the gender you represent

I believe that bachata lives and that there is much to do in the genre. I also believe that it is time to innovate and that is what I am trying to do, without losing the creole essence of bachata and its roots, adds the interpreter of “El picaflor” and “Te forgeté

The great exponents of the genre allege that a new bachatero does not stick for the product they generate “it is not good” they allege, however, Medina is confident that he will be able to position his music in the land where it was born and other parts of the world such as Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela and other countries where his new album is playing.

He understands that it is a bit difficult for those who are starting to achieve the goal, since in order to reach the public, the economic position influences a lot, an obstacle that cuts the way for those who do not have the strength to promote their songs.

“As a new bachata interpreter, I am sure of my talent and I recognize the potential of those who, like me, are looking for a space but who due to lack of resources have not been able to achieve it, and that limits us to competing with those who already have a name. followed by a good financial position, says Donald, who works under the Requintin Studio label.


Other themes that are part of the musical proposal of the composer and singer are “I’ll make you happy” “For not losing your love” “Santa or Diabla” “Wounded heart” “With everything and nothing” “The hummingbird” ” I’ll forget you “” Bella flor “” Hopefully “” How to put the past aside “among others.