Bad Bunny: “Benito could do ‘As it was’, but Harry Styles could never do ‘The blackout’”

Bad Bunny is back in the news and this time because of the controversial message that appeared on the Coachella screens, almost at the end of his presentation. Let’s remember that Benito had an extensive talk with his fans about the things that tormented him and the criticism he had received for his actions. However, this last reference to Harry Styles aroused the discontent of the followers of the former member of One direction.

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It was the turn of the famous song ‘The blackout’, everything was ready for the singer to go out and make the public vibrate. However, a tweet from a follower appeared on the stage screens stating: “Good evening. Benito (real name of Bad Bunny) could have done ‘As it was’, but Harry could never have done ‘The blackout’”. After this, the interpreter of ‘El efecto’ continued his show normally, without imagining the revolt that would take place on digital platforms.

Bad Bunny and the controversial tweet against Harry Styles. Photo: mikassasby/ Twitter

Bad Bunny and the chat with his fans

He Puerto Rican He assured that the life of well-known and famous people is not easy, since what is shown on social networks has no point of comparison with what they live day by day.

“To the people who are watching us at home, I want to say, humbly, people sometimes think they know the life of celebrities, and it is not like that, they do not know it, they do not know what we feel and think. On social networks, in the press, a thousand things are said, but they will never be able to know the reality of what a heart feels, ”he said.

On the other hand, he stated that any rumor that is formed about him should not have credibility until he confirms it. He assured that no one will know him through his digital platforms or through viral stories and videos.

“That is why I tell you that what you see out there that did not come out of my mouth, do not believe it. And whoever wants to really know me, I invite him to my house. You will never know me from Instagram, you will never know me from a video that goes viral on TikTok, you will never know me from an interview or something that came out, “she asserted.