Bad Bunny silences criticism at Coachella: “You will never know me from Instagram or from a TikTok video”

Bad Bunny took advantage of his performance this Friday night at the Coachella Festival 2023 to respond to the criticism he has received in the last two weeks, especially after referring ambiguously about racism in the reggaeton industry in an interview with Time magazine.

“On social networks, in the press, many things are said, but they can never know the reality of what a heart feels. (…) Therefore, I tell you not to believe what you do not see that came out of my mouth. (…) Whoever wants to really get to know me, I invite him to my house”, sentenced “El Conejo Malo” from the main stage of Coachella.

A speech that continued to the applause of the public and that, in a broken way, he complemented by assuring that “people” think they know “the life of celebrities”, but “they don’t know” what they feel or how they live.

“You will never meet me on Instagram, They will never know me for a viral video on TikTok, You will never know me through an interview, the message is changed,” settled the Puerto Rican, who had been at the center of all criticism for days after his statements to Time.

During an interview in the American weekly, Benito Martínez Ocasio, the artist’s real name, was asked if he considered that the elements of race and color could condition the success of an urban artist or a reggaeton player.

To which the Latin star replied that, from his “ignorance”, he couldn’t talk much about it because he hadn’t “experienced it personally”.

“I can’t say yes or no because I don’t live it. Nor have I seen with my own eyes that this person did not become more successful because of his skin. I have not seen it and it would be irresponsible on my part to say yes”, expressed Bad Bunny after starring in the first cover completely in Spanish of the historic magazine.

The singer gave an example to his compatriot Tego Calderón, an Afro-American pioneer in reggaeton whom he defined as one of his “idols” and who, although he is respected by everyone in the genre, never reached the popularity levels of “El Bad bunny”.

In fact, was one of the artists he referred to throughout his concert at Coachellaa renowned music festival in the US that is being held this weekend and next in the Californian desert.

During his performance, the Puerto Rican honored those who opened the doors of Caribbean rhythms in the United States with a tribute to his roots in which he mentioned Héctor Lavoe, Tito Puente and Celia Cruz, as well as Daddy Yankee and Calderón himself, among others.


Bad Bunny made a demonstration of his versatility on the Coachella stage with elaborate choreography, visual effects and even fireworks.

One of the most acclaimed moments was when he uploaded other artists from the urban scene such as Ñengo Flow, Jowell & Randy or Jhay Cortez.

However, the biggest anecdote arose when the American rapper Post Malone appeared on the scene on guitar, with whom he tried to interpret the acoustic version of “La Canción” and “Yonaguni” without success.

If the instrument did not fail, the Puerto Rican’s microphone did. That added to a funny disconnection and lack of understanding between the English of one and the Spanish of another that ended with a hug between laughs.

“I am teaching Post Malone Spanish, he is teaching me English. He understands everything I tell him, ”the Latino artist joked before dismissing the American.