Barbie: All the details about the plot of the movie that we saw in the last trailer

Almost nothing is missing for the premiere of Barbie, the film about the iconic blonde doll that stars margot robbie. For this reason, Warner released the final trailer for the film that will show a hilarious adventure of the toy.

In the recent advance we saw how the character of Margot Robbie suddenly questions death in the middle of a party and after that the doll of a thousand professions begins to have a kind of ‘mental awakening’.

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What will Barbie be about?

According to the last clip, everything will start in barbieland, a kind of fantastic world where all the girls are called Barbie, and the boys are called Ken. However, one of them will suddenly start having “human thoughts”.

“Do you ever think about death?” says Barbie from Margot in the middle of the party, causing everyone to stare at her in surprise. Soon, she will realize that she no longer floats like before, that the showers are cold, that the voices of her friends are irritating and, last but not least, that her feet are no longer pointed.

Thus, Barbie must decide between ignoring these thoughts and continuing to be just another doll or leaving ‘Barbieland’ to embark on an exciting journey into the real world. Of course she will take the second option.

Although she thought about starting her adventure alone, Ken he sneaks into her car and accompanies her to the real world, one completely different from hers and where they must do everything possible to escape from the Mattel workers. This because the company considers that it is dangerous to have a Barbie in the real world.

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Barbie has an incredible soundtrack

The story of this new film with the Barbie stamp, not only has great stars in its cast headed by Margot Robbie herself. But, it also has a soundtrack by the renowned mark ronson which included artists of all nationalities in its list of interpreters.

From Dua LipaAva Max, the k-pop group Fifty Fifty, Gayle Haim, Kali, the Colombian regaetonera Carol G.Khalid Ghizzo, the rapper Nicki Minaj, Pink Pantheress, Ken Ryan Gosling, Tame Impala, Ice Spice and even The Kid Laroi.

And for those who demanded that “Barbie Girl” sound on the tape, their dream came true, as Aqua’s song is also part of Barbie’s ‘playlist’ in a fabulous remix with two great rappers.

It should be noted that the video clip for “Dance the Night” came with the trailer, Dua Lipa’s song for the soundtrack of the Barbie movie.

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When is Barbie released and where to see the movie?

The film directed by Greta Gerwing will arrive in Peruvian theaters this July 21. In “Barbie the Movie” we will see a new facet of Margot Robbie, far from her role as Harley Quinn.

She revealed in an interview for Vogue, how excited she is to participate in the film and work with the director of “little women“.

“It comes with a ton of accessories! And many nostalgic connections. People listen to Barbie and think that she knows what the movie is going to be. Then they hear that Greta Gerwig is writing and directing and they say, ‘Well, maybe not…’” he declared. Robby to the magazine