Before and after images of the New York sky polluted by smoke from fires in Canada

Dense haze from a series of fires in Canada continues to spread across northeastern Canada. USA and air quality in cities like Washington and NY it’s still unhealthy.

Millions of citizens —approximately 75 million live in the area— remain on alert for the risk of inhaling potentially harmful air from the hundreds of forest fires that are taking place in Canadawhose cloud of smoke has been visibly detected by the satellites of the POT.

“This morning, millions of Americans are suffering from the effects of smoke from the devastating wildfires burning in Canada, another stark reminder of the impacts of climate change,” said the president Joe Biden it’s a statement.

Through a statement, the POT explained that although smoke from wildfires in Canada often passes through USA several times in summer, it usually goes unnoticed because it is at the level of the atmosphere and because the winds tend to move it to the east, towards the sea.

This has not been the current case. As a result of a weather phenomenon known as a coastal low pressure, the smoke drifted to the south and east of USA It degraded the quality of the air at surface level, which millions of people breathe.

“Surface smoke contamination from New York to the DC region is the most significant since July 2002, when a similar event occurred,” said NASA scientist Ryan Stauffer.

The unusual images of the New York sky

After the unusual images of iconic buildings —published on Wednesday, June 7— such as the Empire State Building surrounded by a cloud of orange smoke, the news spread that the US Capitol in Washington woke up this Thursday, the 8th, submerged in mist.

In a press conference, the mayor of the capital, Muriel Bowser, confirmed that the city raised today to the purple alert level, the highest. For this reason, she recommended that the population not stay outside and, if they need to, wear a mask.

Inhabitants of New York are surprised by the phenomenon. Photo: Raúl Villao

According to the director of the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency (HSEMA), Christopher Rodríguez, it will not be until the last hour of Friday, June 9, that the air quality begins to “improve significantly”, thanks to the fact that the winds will change.

Air quality alert for fires in Canada spreads across the northeastern US. Photo: EFE

Rodríguez recalled that the public schools of the capital have canceled all outdoor activities and also the Department of Parks and Recreation.

The before and after images of the New York sky

Before and after the smoke from the Canadian fires that darkens New York. Photo: @StormTeam4NY

With information from EFE and AFP.