Belén Estévez shoots Alfredo Benavides LIVE on ‘JB on ATV’: “I don’t have bad taste”

The program ‘JB en ATV’ presented the fun acting challenge sequence. The cast had to perform a parody of a scene from the Turkish soap opera ‘A Thousand and One Nights’, which tells the story of ‘Onur Aksal’ and ‘Scheherazade Evliyaoğlu’. For this reason, they invited the dancer Belen Estevez and the singer Angelo Fukuy as part of the strict jury.

The Argentine was impressed with the beauty and sensuality of the actor who embodies ‘Onur’. “Robbery, robbery”, she reacted when she saw him at the scene. “As long as it’s him,” commented “Aunt Gloria” without imagining her reaction. “Obviously, neither with anyone, nor with an Alfredo Benavides,” he released in the comic space, causing laughter from those present.

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The brother of Jorge Benavides He was speechless at these words. And if he thought that it all ended there, he was completely wrong. “Not in such bad taste either. I never (have) such bad taste,” added the Argentine who has been in our country for more than a decade. However, he returned it without thinking. “And she chatted with me ah!” He said seductively.

at another time, J.B. asked Belen It is true that in a program she criticized her imitation of ‘Muelén’ for being “fat” and “very toothy”. This would have happened in ‘The four finalists’, by Latina, which was hosted by Cristian Rivero. “That rumor that has reached her ears is completely false. I love her, she made me laugh a lot. It’s the best imitation they’ve done to me,” he replied.

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Alfredo Benavides explodes against JB: “I don’t have a contract”

In the sequence ‘5 things I don’t like about you’, Alfredo Benavides he brought his brother out into the fresh air Jorge for putting on a costume he didn’t like. This unleashed his fury on the show and she took the opportunity to question it in front of all the actors and on national television. “We have agreed on one thing. This is an abuse. You called me, all cool, we went out on ‘D-Day’, obviously, until now I don’t have a contract, but it’s still stinging.”

The younger brother of J.B. He criticized that he has been in the ATV space for several months, but he has not yet been hired like the rest of the humorous cast. He also told her that he promised a raise and, apparently, it would have been all in promises and not words. On other occasions, the actor who gives life to “Niño Alfredito” threatened to resign from the program.