Biden asks López Obrador to join forces to demonstrate the power of democracies

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, trusted this Thursday that his alliance with his counterpart from Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, shows that “democracies can work”, given the rise of autocratic models such as the Chinese.

“I am sure that we are both committed so that democracy really helps our peoples. Democracy in the last 20 years has been reduced, there are fewer, “said Biden in statements to the press at the White House at the beginning of his first meeting in person with López Obrador.

As Biden explained, before the journalists entered the Oval Office, both leaders briefly discussed some of the paintings and figures of former US presidents that decorate that room, including an image of Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933). -1945).

Biden recalled that Roosevelt founded the “good neighbor” policy towards Latin America, and said that he as president and also when he was vice president with Barack Obama (2009-2017) has always opted for a policy that treats nations as equals.

“When I was vice president and now in my presidency, I have always said that I was not going to do the politics of good neighbors, but rather the politics of equality,” he said.

“Mr. President, we no longer use the language of the friends of the South. You are the same, we are the same countries. And that’s what I like about you, ”Biden said, clenching his fist and shaking it as he looked at López Obrador, who nodded approvingly.

The meeting between López Obrador and Biden takes place in the context of the IX Summit of North American Leaders, which is held at the White House and in which the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, also participates.