Bizarrap will not come to Peru! Argentine DJ show, Maria Becerra and Cris MJ are canceled days after the event

What promised to be an unforgettable show was cancelled, since the “Barrio remix” event, which was going to bring together great figures such as Bizarrap, María Becerra and Cris MJ on April 29, will no longer take place. This was announced by the production company that organized this musical party and left more than one baffled fan. They also communicated how to proceed with the return of the money. In the following note, find out more details.

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Bizarrap will no longer come to Peru to delight us with his musical creations because the show that was going to take place this April 29 at the Lima Cultural Club in Chorrillos, in which he would participate along with well-known national and international figures such as Flavia Laos and Emil , will no longer be done.

“We regret to inform you that the ‘Barrio remix’ festival, scheduled for Saturday, April 29 at the Lima Cultural Club, has been cancelled,” reads the beginning of the statement.

“Barrio remix” announces show cancellation. Photo: @festivalbarriolatino/Instagram

How will the money for the tickets be refunded?

The producer confirmed that the return of the money for the payment of the tickets will be through Joinnus, the same platform through which they were purchased. However, all the instructions will be given by the email of each user.

“The return of tickets will be through the Joinnus platform through which they were purchased. Instructions will be sent by mail. Pay attention to the communication from Joinnus ”, she subscribed.

How much did the tickets cost for the “Barrio remix” festival?

Tickets had a 15% discount when paying with the Interbank card and in advance. The prices ranged from 153 soles to 442. However, in the regular sale, from 180 to 520.

VIP: S/422

Overall: S/255

Apdayc: S/153

Single box: S/700

Group box: S/8,400

“Barrio remix” and ticket prices to see Bizarrap and María Becerra. Photo: @festivalbarriolatino/Instagram