Black widow: “I have been widowed five times and I am not remarrying”

“Look, I’m going to tell you the truth, I’m going to tell you this, but don’t let me have fun with the same topic anymore. Everyone ‘chanting’ the same thing, that I am a ‘killing husband’, ‘black widow’, what if this, what if that… They have me crazy about that”. With this sentence, almost “death”, he spoke with reporters from LISTÍN DIARIO, a lady who, with 57 years of life, has already been widowed five times.

“No, ma’am, you don’t want to bother him. If you don’t want to tell her story, no problem.” This was said very softly so that she would not be overwhelmed by the subject. “No, I already said that she was going to talk to you, and I am going to do it.” She is determined. “Come in!” She invited the team into her house. In it she lived with her last husband. She sat in a dining room chair, and pointed to the furniture for the rest to sit on. “I have been married five times, and the five husbands died on me.” By giving this information, she covers her face and it was possible to see that she was crying.

“I am 57 years old and I look like I am 70 or 80. I have spent almost my entire life suffering because I have not been able to keep a single husband. I believe that there are few people in the world who have been widowed five times like me”. This part, although painful, is counted as if he felt a “phenomenon”. Well, maybe it is. Her neighbor, who came to the door to watch the interview, said almost between laughs: “She gets pretty when they tell her that she ‘kills her husband,’ but because of things in life, they die. I don’t think she will marry again, she herself says that men are afraid of her. While the woman spoke, the protagonist of this story confirmed it by saying that she did with her head.

“It’s not something I control”

The lady who stars in this story and who asked not to give her name realizes that the men have become afraid of her because the husbands she has had have died. “I would do the same, I would not listen to a man who has been widowed so many times. What bothers me is that they relax with something so serious. It’s not something I control.” She is blunt in saying this.

Arranging the collar of her gray blouse and then adjusting her tiny earrings, she details the reason for the death of the husbands she had. The first died in an accident, the second had cancer, the third had a heart attack, the fourth suffered from diabetes, and the last was killed.

Listing these events makes her sad and, to get her out of that moment, she was asked: And which of them did you love the most? She smiled and made a typical Dominican grimace with her mouth, which is called ‘chuipi’. In fact, it is a term that is already in the dictionary and alludes to the fact that he is from here.

“Well, the first time I got married believing that I was in love, then I realized that no, that I was determined to be that boy’s wife because there were other women interested in him. We lasted 11 years married, we had two daughters. He died when they were eight and six years old. At the age of two, she remarried because she had no one to help her with her girls. From there, the suffering of this woman has been long.

motive of homicide

Bringing up the subject of her last husband, whom she says “they killed me”, allowed her to be asked about the facts of his tragic death. “Oh, he was in a little bar near the house, some men who were arguing over a woman got into lawsuits, and the shot was fired at my husband, as he was leaving so as not to find himself in trouble.” She says a few bad words referring to the person who shot, and pronounces herself: “That’s right, if they hadn’t put him in jail, I’d finish him off with my own hands.” Her attitude makes it clear that, with the love she felt for her fifth husband, she gave for that and more.

He did not want to marry his fifth partner for fear that he would die

A At 17 the owner of this story was ‘married’ for the first time. She was 28 years old when her husband died. At 30 it was her second marriage, and with this one she only lasted four and a half years. “I never knew that he had cancer, he was a man much older than me and we had no children.” She comments on this experience. At the age of 35, she got together with a police officer “and a young man had a heart attack.” With this she only lasted two years and a month and had a boy. She waited a long time to have a partner again. “I was already scared. He had three on the rib. She says it jokingly, but with a sad face.

At 41, already moved to a town far away in the country, she finds “a good man. I was an apparent woman and that is why, with everything and the file that she had, as a widow, she got a husband ”. Mentioning this part, she is questioned on whether her looks alone can attract a man’s attention. Her answer was short, but intelligent: “In my case, yes, because I didn’t even know the words.” It was how much.

He moved in with that person and they lasted for about five years. “When we were like two, she got sugar sick. That killed him because he never dieted or anything, and he liked to drink. He died less than 60 years old, he was young”. At 48 years old, having spent a long time alone, she decides to try again to have another partner. “And that’s when I ‘suffocated’. He was the only one I really married, by law. I did love that man, but they killed him when we were together for almost four years.” This time she cried as if she had just heard the news.

When he recovers, he answers the question that was asked about how many children he had. “I had four, two from the first marriage, one from the policeman and one from the last one, the one who was killed. That he is nine years old ”. She cries again, but less intensely and with an obvious desire to be quiet, to be left alone. You can tell that, really, that was her great love.

Always with the true

You had to wait a little while to see if she dared to talk about how the following spouses took the news that the previous one had died. Fortunately, she agreed to answer, but not before going to the kitchen for a glass of water. When she comes back she says, “Wait, let me tell you this first. That last husband had two children who were not mine and they love me as if I were his mother, and mine also loved him as a father, he was a beautiful person ”.

He wanted to take this beautiful relationship for granted, and he was allowed. She immediately commented: “I have always been a woman who tells the truth, I don’t relax with that. As soon as she saw that the thing was serious, she would tell him: ‘Look, I am a widow’, and she would tell him how many, and they knew what they were expecting. What’s more, the third party’s family never wanted to hear from me, they always told my husband that I was a black widow, that this and that.” After he died, they even brought her to court, allegedly because she poisoned him. The autopsy revealed that it was a heart attack.

She even told her last husband not to marry her so she wouldn’t die. “He didn’t listen to me, he always said that if he died it wasn’t because of me, but because his time had come. And he looks at how life is, he took it from another ”. She wails and runs her hands over her eyes.

He concludes with a sentence: “I don’t think there is a person who wants to become a widow, especially when there is no inheritance. Everyone I married was bald. Of course, they never hit me or mistreated me, and that was my greatest wealth ”.

fourth marriage

Another inconvenience that he experienced was in his fourth marriage. “Although they didn’t know me well in that community, and no one knew that I had been widowed so many times, there are always some ‘nosymen’ who intervene. They told his mother that I did not take care of him because he had diabetes, but what could I do, if he did not let himself be helped, he ate sweets, drank, and made a lot of messes ”. She defends herself from what she had on everyone’s lips at that time.