BLACKPINK’s Rosé: Why is the singer accused of using drugs?

The member of BLACKPINK, Rosé was involved in new rumors. This time, they accused the singer of taking drugs at a social gathering.

The interpreter of “On the ground” appeared in a photograph published by the creative director of one of the brands that collaborate with the artist.

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Faced with harsh comments about the alleged use of toxic substances, the rose He came to his defense and clarified the situation.

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What happened to Rose?

An image of Rosé in what would be a party with foreign characters spread on Twitter. In the snapshot published (and later deleted) by the director of Burberry, the celebrity is seen with another Korean man, whom users identified as the actor kang dong-won.

On the table they shared, liquor glasses and various items were displayed.

The element that sparked the debate was an ashtray that, according to the singer’s fans, contained white lines, assuming it was cocaine.

The comments gained strength in China, once they were reproduced on the portals of this country. Others defended the artist stating that it was the design of the table and that she was confusing a marble ashtray.

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YG defends Rosé from rumors

On April 12, agency YG Entertainment, the producer of BLACKPINK and other groups, released a forceful statement about the rumors about Rosé, calling them “clearly false information.”

“We revealed that the rumors associated with BLACKPINK’s Rosé, which have been spread on social media and online forums, are flatly false. We are taking legal action against those actions that defame our agency’s artists,” the agency’s statement said.

“We will take legal action against the actors who defame our artists”, thus announced the start of the investigations against those who accused the Australian singer.

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‘Trolls’ do not leave Rosé alone

Although the company was able to clarify Rosé’s situation in said photo, the ‘haters’ did not give up. This time, they created an alleged romance between the singer and Spotify’s director of music strategy, Jeremy Elrich.

They even accused her as the culprit Taylor Swift and Joe Alwin They will end their 6-year relationship as boyfriends.

According to netizens, every female celebrity who takes a photo with Rosé and is in a stable relationship will eventually break up with her partner.

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Who is BLACKPINK’s Rosé?

Roseanne Park is an Australian born on February 11, 1997. Although the model was born in Australiahis family is of South Korean descent.

Better known as Rosé, she is a member of the female k-pop group BLACKPINK, formed by the record company YG Entertainment in 2016.

He debuted as a soloist on March 12, 2021, with the single “On the Ground”.

Rosé was the last member of the ‘girlband’ to be announced, and after the release of “boombayah” and “whistle” was listed as one of the best voices in the South Korean genre.

Within the group Rosé takes the position of main vocalist and leading dancer among her companions Jisoo, Jennie and Lisa.