Blanca Rodríguez performs surprising aesthetic intervention and looks stunning [VIDEO]

Without fear of anything. In the latest publications of Blanca Rodríguez, the wife of soccer player Juan Manuel Vargas, surprised more than one because she was not afraid to reveal a little touch.

As you know, Blanca Rodriguez is always away from media; However, she is very active on her Instagram account where she reveals her day-to-day life.

From her social network, Blanca avoids commenting on the aspects of her partner, despite this, she always uploads photos of her family, holidays, etc.

In his most recent publication, the player’s wife showed how an aesthetic intervention was about to be performed that would help the beauty of his face.

In the images you can even see the doctor giving some indications and is applying what would be the treatment on the face of the influencer mom.

Peluchín invites Blanca Rodríguez to her program: “As well as the other exchange for clandestine”

Rodrigo González spoke with Gigi Miter about the possibility of inviting both Juan Manuel Vargas, alias ‘el Loco’, along with his wife Blanca Rodríguez to break their silence once and for all.

“I don’t want the ‘Loco’ to come, I want Blanca to come,” he mentioned in the first place, so his partner told him that the ideal would be for both of them to be part of the interview.

However, Peluchín was not very happy with the suggestion: “If the ‘Loco’ wants, let him come, but I want to talk to Blanca, I want to tell her things, I want her to tell me things. What happens is that Blanca too, I imagine, she must not want to talk about her, I understand her, she must suddenly want to give interviews and such, but she must say ‘I’m going to talk about her’, I’m going to give her headlines, she’s going to If so, it’s going to be like, so if I go I know that … ‘”.