Blank Vote: what is it and what happens if I vote blank in the General Elections in Paraguay 2023?

Paraguayan enters the final stretch towards general elections that will take place on April 30 with the Colorado Partywhich is hit by corruption accusations against its leader and current president, Horace Cartesand the vice president of the nation, Hugo Velazquezwho were identified as “significantly corrupt” by the State Department of USAwho vetoed their entry.

On the other hand, the presidential candidate for the National Concertation (opposition), Ephraim Alegreand his vice-presidential candidate, former minister Soledad Núñez, lead a Great Meeting with youth, whose main guest is the former guerrilla fighter and former Uruguayan president Jose ‘Pepe’ Mujica.

Also, a senator from Colorado Party denounced the main opposition candidate seeking the presidency of Paraguay, Ephraim Alegrefor the supposed embezzlement of state funds During his tenure as Minister of Public Works and Communications (2008-2011).

What happens if I vote blank in the General Elections of Paraguay 2023?

To pay for the next May 30, it is important to have the identity card current and identify where your polling place will be. Once located —check here where you have to vote—, you must present your document to the polling station members. They will validate your identity and give you the voting form.

Then, you must place the bulletin in the monitor slot to cast your vote, as you can review in the following video.

Subsequently, choose the boxes of the candidates of your choice (you also have the option of ‘blank vote‘). Finally, you press the option of ‘confirm and print‘ to obtain the receipt, which can be verified through the reader.

In case of choosing the ‘blank’ option, it must be taken into account that it is considered that way when “the bulletin does not have brands”, indicates the Paraguayan Electoral Code.

This type of vote is counted in the same way as all other votes, and at the end of the scrutiny they are published on the official page. Many times the target is used to measure the level of distrust towards the candidates in the districts.

“After reading the bulletins, the votes will be counted. Next, the president will ask if there is any protest to make against the scrutiny; not having any or after the table resolves those that have been presented, he will announce the result of the scrutiny out loud. Immediately, the scrutiny minutes will be drawn up, in which the results obtained by each type of position or representation by party, political movement and alliance will be recorded, as well as the null and blank votes. The entry of the totals will be made in letters and numbers ”, explains the code.