Boca Juniors DT spoke about discussion between Carlos Zambrano and Cristian Pavón

Carlos Zambrano did not play in the last Boca Juniors game for the Argentine Professional League, but in any case his name was one more mentioned after the match. The defender of the Peruvian team starred in a harsh discussion with his teammate Cristian Pavon as a result of a gesture that he had after being changed and going to the substitute bench.

Asked about the controversy, coach Sebastián Battaglia acknowledged feeling “concerned” about this and other episodes experienced during the defeat against Independiente during his visit to Libertadores de América.

“That worries me more. Here we have to be calm and demonstrate on the court when you have to be there and have the opportunity to play. Without a doubt nobody wants to go out, but decisions have to be made during the game, ”declared the coach to justify his decision to replace Pavón.

“Maybe he was angry with the game, with the heart rate at a thousand. You understand the player, but you have to know that we have to be calm, do our best on the pitch and pass the nervousness to the contrary and not to ourselves ”, added Battaglia.

The outbreak of anger that arose between the ‘León’ and the Argentine forward occurred when the attacker, annoyed at having been replaced, threw a bottle to the ground and caused the content to splash the defender. This quickly went to Pavón to reprimand him for the fact, before which other members of the Xeneize campus had to mediate to prevent the event from happening to adults.

After a few minutes, those involved ended the matter by settling their differences after sharing a hug and apologizing to each other.