Bodybuilder marries his second sex doll because he “ended up with the first”

Yuri Tolochko He is a Russian-born man who has a career as a bodybuilder and has become known because in November 2020 he published on his social networks that he would marry an inflatable doll named Margot. This action generated a lot of rejection among users, but also popularity.

After marriage, Tolochko created an Instagram account whom he called “wife” despite the fact that the wedding was not legal, but rather symbolic. However, they did not last long as spouses, since after four months they ended the relationship.

According to what he narrated on his Instagram, he and the inflatable doll made “the decision to end the relationship.” For this reason, the man chose to find another inflatable doll to marry.

He wrote to all his followers on his social networks. “Hey guys, let’s come up with a name for this baby. As you know, Margot and I broke up. Now I have a new wife (…). Learning from this caused a sex doll company to want to send me one of the best. I chose this one. It’s (…) incredibly sexy. They will send it to me soon. I’m thinking about what I should call it. My version of her name is Moon, but maybe you guys suggest something better. We have to do it together ”, he published.

In March of this year, he announced his new ‘lover’, who was delivered by the inflatable doll company that is dedicated to marketing this type of sexual products for both men and women.

When she posted photos of her on her Instagram, her followers commented that the doll looked very much like a teenage girl. For this reason, he also decided that he would avoid posts of an erotic nature on his account together with his new ‘wife’.

“Some of you suggested that I call her Luna. I decide to follow that advice and will call it that. One of her doubts is that she is very young, a teenager. She is an adult (…). I decided to listen to them again; I do not want to offend them, so I have decided not to show erotic scenes with her, “he said.

Lately he shares photos where he is seen happy together with Luna, with whom he went to Bulgaria to celebrate his honeymoon.