Bonnie Tyler: “I would have liked to do a duet with Bruce Springsteen”

British singer Bonnie tyler He acknowledged on Monday that of all the collaborations he has made throughout his extensive artistic career, he has yet to get a duet with the American musician Bruce Springsteen.

“I would have liked to do a duet with Bruce Springsteen. I love it, who knows, that’s why I never say never “, he affirmed this morning during a press conference in the Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela (northwest), where tomorrow he will offer a concert on his tour to present his latest album ‘The best is yet to come ‘(The best is yet to come).

“I really like to do duets with great artists, but due to the professional commitments of each one, it is very difficult to coincide,” he admitted.

The Welsh singer highlighted the work and collaborations with the producers of many of her hits, such as the American Jim Steinman, of whom she said that “it was wonderful to work with him in the eighties.”

“My most famous albums were with him and thanks to that collaboration I have achieved fame,” he said.

Bonnie Tyler also mentioned David Mackay, the producer of her new album, with whom she had already worked in the seventies producing at the end of that decade one of her most famous hits, ‘It’s a heartache’, a song recorded for her second studio album. , ‘Natural Force’.

The 70-year-old British artist explained that since she began her career at 17 she had never been forced to interrupt her live concerts, as happened because of the coronavirus pandemic.

For this reason, he affirmed that the title of his latest album, “The best is yet to come” translated into Spanish, is a hymn to hope.

Tyler acknowledged that when he is on stage people demand that he sing their greatest hits, as it is the style that “characterizes” him, but he confessed that he loves ‘rock’.

Regarding the title of the song included in his latest work ‘Stronger than a man’ (Stronger than a man), he explained that it is not about any claim and admitted that he believes ‘in equality’.

“I have had my own place and I have always felt the same as everyone else. I have never competed with men, because I had my own niche in the world of music ”, he stressed.