Book “Jazz in the Dominican Republic: The Interviews 2022” is published

Fernando Rodriguez de Mondesertawarded by the Global Blog Awards in 2019 published his fifth book and the room in the series of interviews titled “jazz in dominican: The Interviews 2022”.

With a prologue written by renowned journalist Alfonso Quiñones, this new work brings together ten interviews with musicians Sandy Gabriel (saxophone); Angel Irizarry (guitar); Federico Mendez (guitar); Jose Alberto Urena (piano).

In addition to Wilfred Reyes on drums, saxophonists Alexander Vásquez and Carlito Estrada; Carlos Mota (percussion); musician and songwriter Corey Allen and Michelle Marie on guitar.


Fernando Rodríguez de Mondesert was awarded by the Global Blog Award. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

Rodríguez, who published in 2020 his first bookexpressed that like the three previous ones in the series jazz in dominican: The interviews contains conversations held with various musicians.

The questions were articulated with a simple and organic scheme, which managed to lead to concrete responses from each one of them, highlighting their diversity of criteria and giving particularity to each dialogue. These, once again, open a window that allows peeking into the current jazz scene in the Dominican Republic.

jazz in dominican: Las Envistas 2022” is published in Spanish and English, thus giving the work and the interviewees a greater possibility of promotion and public and market reach.

Like the previous ones, it is integrated with augmented reality, through QR (Quick Response) codes, so that readers can scan them and enjoy the music of the interviewees, details a press release.

“It is very important to note that with this, there are already five books published and in the international market, which contain interviews with 37 musicians and seven producers of radio programs, as well as the presentation of 50 women, who have contributed and are contributing enormously in all styles and in all periods of the history of jazz in our country”, expressed Rodríguez De Mondesert.

He added, “We are very honored by the teamwork we have achieved with Ukiyoto Publishing and will continue to publish the series annually.” jazz in dominican: The interviews so we can expect the fifth installment of this series in the first quarter of 2024,” he concludes.

jazz in dominican: The Interviews 2022” is available in the Amazon internet store in Paperback mode (book pocket-size). The link is: