Books: the best car gift of Kings

Do you like thrillers? Take advantage of the Kings to auto give you the newly arrived titles. For my part I bought ‘Terror de Estado’, by Hillary Clinton and Louise Penny; ‘Never’, by Ken Follett; ‘Time for forgiveness’, by John Grishman; and The Surgeon of Souls’, by Luis Zueco.

Hillary Clinton: co-author of a thriller

I was surprised to see that the co-author of the thriller ‘State Terror’ is none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton. It increased my curiosity to know that the plot revolves around terrorist threats after the inauguration of a new president in the United States, who appoints a woman as secretary of state. (Hillary Clinton held that position and was formerly First Lady of the United States). The other co-author is novelist Louise Penny. I started to read it. It is fascinating! I wonder how many real situations some chapters have inspired.

Ken Follet this time writes a ‘thriller’

Referring to ‘Never’, the thriller written by Ken Follet, a friend said that while reading it he ate ‘all the nails on one hand’. The idea for this novel seems to have arisen after Follett wondered if a conflict like World War I could happen again, “the most terrible conflict the world has ever known.” In the plot it involves two countries that in reality face each other politically: China and the United States. In the novel, a woman holds the presidency of the United States. I confess that I will read it with fear.

Another Grisham thriller with a legal theme

His books, generally on legal topics, keep the reader in suspense until the end. I’m talking about John Grisham ‘the greatest thriller author alive’, according to Ken Follett. His novel ‘Time for forgiveness’ is a plot in which a young man takes justice into his own hands to save his family. This book, like all of Grisham’s, will catch me from the start.

Luis Zueco, with an intriguing novel

A historical novel where the protagonist, to be a surgeon, has to overcome the most incredible obstacles, even an assassination attempt, is ‘The surgeon of souls’, by Luis Zueco (they call him ‘the Spanish Ken Follett’). It is set at a time when patient operations were a public spectacle, until the process of change in medicine began. ‘Life is having a goal, a dream, and pursuing it.’ And ‘tie to him when everything comes against him,’ says Zueco. It shows that despite the intrigues, achievements are achieved if you persist in the effort. I finished reading it on December 31st. Good end of the year.