Boy organizes a chicken sale to pay for his friend’s prosthesis: “He wants me to walk again” [FOTOS]

I will steal your heart. Sergio luque, the father of the minor who organized the campaign, remembers that his son, barely 2 years old, told him “Dad we have to do something“, in the middle of dinner and before the atonic gaze of his loved ones who were at the table. The story of this little boy has touched the social networks and went viral.

All started when Catriel, the youngest, found out that his best friend Agustín Ortiz Gaitan travels every month to Buenos Aires to treat a pathology in your legs that prevents you from walking normally. “It is a mild pathology. Started with difficulty walking and then it followed with more serious pains. It became a bigger problem ”, revealed Aracelis Gaitán, Agustín’s mother.

According to the mother, in the Garrahan Hospital from the city in Argentina, Agustín’s family learned that the minor’s problem is traumatic. “The neurological and other issues of the spinal cord were ruled out. The point is that We are from the interior and going there is complicated, it is an important expense”, Aracelis explained, and that last was the reason that motivated Catriel.

The child’s heart surprised everyone

“The truth was that it was something incredible, I did not think it was going to become something so great. We live in a small town, in great need of work, and our beloved neighbor needs a prosthesis to walk better. To Catriel It occurred to him to organize a chicken sale to raise funds and help him“Said Luque, in dialogue with All News.

He’s a great boy, I know his parents and they fought a lot to adapt it together with his brother, they were difficult years and today they are family. Now Augustine he urgently needs two prostheses for his feet”, Said Sergio. Meanwhile, he reported that a refrigerator donated two crates of chickens and firewood since it is a social and humanitarian cause.

“Catriel learned that prostheses cost between $ 80 and $ 90 thousand. From there he just wanted to help. That is why next Saturday we are going to sell chickens at the Martín García club. The portion is going to come with fries and is going to cost $ 800. We already have about 70 reservationsSo we estimate that we are going to sell more than 100, ″ said Luque.