Brave neighbor foiled motorcycle robbery, confronted them and thieves ended up fleeing: “Yes, are you sure?” [VIDEO]

It usually happens that when you park your vehicle on the street you run a certain risk of being scratched, crashed or stolen. However, sometimes there are people who are willing to defend them risking their integrity to do the right thing.

Such is the recent case of a man who recorded what happened to him on the streets. And it is that this boy frustrated that a thief took a motorcycle. In the video that is on Twitter, you can see how a suspect is on top of a motorcycle.

While another walks away from him. Thus, the person recording approaches and asks if the motorcycle is his, to which he replies yes and asks if it is true. “Is the bike yours? Yes, are you sure?” He tells her.

Thief was discovered by the neighbor

It turns out that the person recording had realized that the subject had stolen the motorcycle a few blocks away. The second character was his accomplice. Seeing himself discovered, he gets out and approaches his partner.

They both realized that they had been ‘caught’ and began to run down the street. After that, the boy pressed the help button to ask the police for help and give the description of the thieves.

“Hello, I am here in the Towers, for the Electoral Institute of the City of Mexico. Two kids are running over Huizaches, two in black, they are almost passing in front of the Electoral Institute and they wanted to steal a motorcycle, they just couldn’t start it,” the man told the officers over the radio.