Brazil prevailed against Serbia in the debut!

Carlos Salinas, special envoy

The superiority of the best South American team prevailed at the Lusail stadium, which turned into a yellow-green party after the invitation of a team full of individualities. The music and laughter in the preview turned into goals, tacos, shots at the posts and tremendous saves by the Serbian goalkeeper on the field of play. And it is that Brazil arrived in Qatar and once again hung the candidate sign to win the World Cup again.

A super offensive eleventh, with four strikers in their formation, made their ambitions clear. Serbia responded with a tactical device of five defenders -two mixed full-backs-, four midfielders attentive to the setback and only the giant Mitrovic on the tip to pivot the block exits, but it was not enough. Tite’s team celebrated 2-0, without appeal, in their Group G debut.

Dragan Stojkovic’s plan went perfectly in the first half because all the components of the Brazilian attack were neutralized. Neymar was well taken by Milenkovic or Lukic; Vinícius for Zivkovic; Raphinha, controlled by Mladenovic; and Richarlison, locked in by three good-sized centrals.

It was very difficult for Brazil to penetrate the Serbian wall, but the tranquility and experience weighed on the complement. At 17 minutes, Vinicius defined the cross inside the area, Vanja avoided it with a phenomenal save, but Richarlison took advantage of the rebound and pushed her to open the scoring.

Little more than ten minutes later, after a cross from the left of Vinicius, Richarlison appeared again, this time to put in a spectacular pirouette and put, scissoring, the second. Minutes later, the bad news arrived for the Scratch: Neymar sprained his ankle, asked for the change and finished the game with tears in his eyes. However, DT gave a light of hope after the final whistle. “I am sure that Neymar will play in the World Cup, I am absolutely sure of that. He is going to play in the Cup, ”Tite pointed out.

In the remaining time, the few and unsuccessful attacks by Serbia were not enough to discount, while Brazil kept up the teamwork to look for the third goal, but failed to do so. Now come Switzerland.

The five-time world champion is back. Music, color and good football is what Brazil promises to match the best streak of consecutive games without losing in the group stage of the World Cup (16), established by Germany between 1990 and 2010.