Brazil: they find the corpse of a young woman who was forced to dig her own grave before murdering her

The Brazilian Police found on Friday, December 3, the body of Amanda albach, a young woman from Paraná who was missing for 18 days on the beach of Irapirubá Norte de Laguna. The last post on his Facebook was two days before his murder, where he poses admiring the nature of the place.

The day before, three people, a woman and two men, were arrested as suspects in the crime and one of them revealed to the Police the place where the victim’s body was buried.

Finally, the 21-year-old was buried in the Municipal Cemetery of Fazenda Rio Grande, in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba, on Sunday, December 5.

The investigations

The complaint of the disappearance reached the Santa Catarina Police on November 19, when the investigation began. The Police sought information about the young woman’s social life and confirmed that she attended a party on the 14th of the same month, in Florianópolis.

Later, he returned with the three arrested to the house where they were, on the border between Imbituba and Laguna, on the coast of Santa Catarina.

When taking statements from the last people who were with the victim before the disappearance, the Police found “inconsistencies in the speeches,” which aroused suspicion of the group’s involvement.

Following his arrest, one of the suspects told officers that he had Amanda dig her own grave and then shot her twice.

According to delegate Bruno Fernandes, from Santa Catarina, previous findings indicate that Amanda was murdered on November 15, shortly after sending a WhatsApp audio to the family around 8:30 p.m. saying that she would return to Paraná the next day.

“The motivation will be determined with all the context, but, in a preliminary way, one of those investigated felt uncomfortable because he realized that Amanda would have told third parties that he would be involved in drug trafficking and would have taken a photo of his weapon. He did not like the situation and chose to take his life”Said the delegate.

The investigation indicates that when the young woman sent the audio, she was already with the suspect at the place where she was killed. On the other hand, the Police have not yet revealed the participation of the other two suspects.