Bromite, the browser with more privacy and advanced features than Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most used web browsers in the world, since the vast majority are already pre-installed on smartphones. However, many users are looking for new alternatives that are more suited to their needs.

Among the new options is Bromite a browser based on Chromium open source that removes all traces of Google contains privacy enhancements and adds options like view the source code of a website, force tablet mode etc.

It is a browser that looks like Google Chrome visually because it is based on the same open source code, but does not refer to any web or feature of Google.

The home page is much more ‘clean‘, since it does not have recommended articles or advertising that Google has built-in. The only thing it comes with is the button to open bookmarks, direct links, and downloads.

Another striking feature of Bromite is that it makes it easy to view the source code of the open page or save all open tabs as bookmarks, an option available for Chrome for PC, but not for mobile. Also, you can use the # pull-to-refresh, which is the gesture that is made by sliding the upper part down to load or update the contents.

Regarding security issues, there is the possibility of incognito mode, creating a temporary session that is isolated from the main browser session, from user data and is not detectable.