Brother of urban exponent Arcángel dies in vehicle crash

A brother of urban singer Arcángel, who was visiting Puerto Rico, was killed in a head-on collision between two vehicles early Sunday morning, El Vocero newspaper reported. I was 21 years old.

The young Justin Santos, driver of a Can-Am, who according to the police is the brother of the rapper Arcángel, died tragically when a woman identified as María E. Nevárez Torres, who was driving a Hyundai Tucson bus, invaded the lane on which he was traveling in the Teodoro Moscoso bridge and hit it head-on.

Justin was expelled from Cam-An and died from the blows he received. Another young man who was a passenger was also thrown out of the Cam-Am and injured.

The singer’s brother resides in Florida and was visiting Puerto Rico, El Vocero said.

“Relatives arrived there, his sister arrived and he was identified by one of the friends who were close to him who was there with the sister. What happens is that the sister did not want to see him, “said Lieutenant Elvis Zeno, assistant director of the Police Traffic Bureau, to the newspaper El Nuevo Día.

Video from the bridge’s security cameras recorded the Can-Am moving at a safe speed alongside another similar vehicle and several motorboats. After the deadly collision, the motorcyclists and the driver of the other Can-Am left the scene.

According to the investigation, the Can-Am collided with a Jeep Cherokee SUV at 2:35 a.m. on Sunday and was recorded by security cameras on the bridge.

The woman was moving in the direction of Río Piedras to Carolina on the opposite lanes giving zigzags, published El Vocero.