Brothers make millions with their videos on OnlyFans and thus support their parents

Two brothers living in New Zealand decided to create content for the OnlyFans portal. After a few weeks, their parents, who were going through a difficult financial situation, were able to get enough money to pay the mortgage on the house. Since then, both young people are in charge of supporting their parents; in addition, they state that they receive their support.

Sean Austin born in Scotland, decided to venture into Onlyfans in December 2019. His videos of suggestive content caused that in a few months he could obtain a large number of followers.

“When I decided to start OnlyFans, the success I had was absolutely amazing and overwhelming, I felt very lucky, but at the same time it can seem that many people do not understand it,” said the young man in an interview for the New York Post.

Faced with the great success of Austin, a 29-year-old gay man, his younger half-sister Daysi drew (24) followed in the following months.

Daysi had run out of money due to his trips to Oceania. In addition, his parents were going through financial problems. The reasons mentioned ended up convincing her.

Both brothers decided to rely on the recordings and that generated better results for their respective audiences.

“When Daisy started her OnlyFans page and it was successful, I was so thankful that not only did I have someone to share this journey with, but she was also my sister. It has been so good that we can both take full care of our family, and it has really brought us all very close, ”explains Sean.

The parents of Sean Austin and Daisy Drew were initially unaware of their children’s sources of income. However, this year, the brothers decided to reveal where the money they received came from.

“My dad is very proud of me, he supports me in what I do. The main thing is that my brother and I are safe and happy, and that is all that matters to our parents, ”said Daisy, who has more than 249,000 followers on Instagram, while her brother is close to 100,000.

The siblings have raised more than $ 2 million to date, which has been enough to pay for their parents’ home and support them. They both reside in two luxurious apartments in England and the United States, respectively.