Brujo Mayor predicts great climate crisis and deterioration in the health of the president of Mexico

The Mexican Greater Warlock predicted a stable and good year for Mexico, but a global emergency, still unattended, due to climate change, as well as the deterioration in the health of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the continuation of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The world is in a tremendous economic crisis and Mexico It will be in the first 15 places of those that are not so bad, we will have a healthy economy and there will be a lot of work, “predicted Antonio Vázquez Alba, known as the Greater Warlock at his usual annual conference.

He highlighted his call to people and governments to mobilize for the environmental emergency, of which the damage is already being observed.

“Climate change is the serious universal problem, the governments ignore it, nor pay attention, this in 10 years will be tremendous. This year we are going to see how New York will be flooded more, it is very serious,” he assured Efe.

According to predictions of the seer, 2022 will not improve for President López Obrador and his Government, because in addition to a probable deterioration in his health, the megaprojects that he has promoted in his six-year term will be economically affected.

“He will have a regular year, there will be problems in the construction of the Mayan Train and he may have a slightly serious illness, we have seen how in a year his face has aged and he looks more tired,” said El Brujo.

Regarding the possibility of a woman succeeding López Obrador in the presidency, the Brujo sees it as impossible, but assured that there will be a strong contest headed by the current head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, who in recent months has found herself in the debate public as one of the possible candidates and favorites for the National Regeneration Movement party (Morena), together with Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard.

In matters of violence and insecurity, Vázquez expressed that this year the numbers of femicides will not decrease, that although they will not increase, the figure that for October 2021 added more than 800 cases will be maintained.

As for the world of entertainment, and after the loss in 2021 of icons such as Vicente Fernández and Carmen Salinas, the Brujo ruled out complications in the health of the first actress Silvia Pinal, who recently became infected with the coronavirus.

However, he assured that the actress’s daughter, Alejandra Guzmán – recently infected – will have to cancel her controversial and long-awaited tour with the so-called Golden Girl, Paulina Rubio, for health reasons.

He also predicted that those who were the couple of the year in 2021 when they got engaged, Christian Nodal and Belinda, will not have a formal wedding, but that their relationship will continue.