Brunella Horna after alleged romance between Flavia and Austin: “It is not necessary to take it out” [VIDEO]

The model Brunella Horna is in the ‘eye of the storm’ after declaring about the alleged romance between the former member of the Turkish reality show, The power of love, Austin Palao and the model, Flavia Laos. As it is remembered, Richard Acuña’s partner revealed in ‘More Shows’ that followers of the pair of friends sent him ‘hate’.

According Oven He made it clear that he does not minimize Austin Palao, but that Flavia must understand that she is the ex-partner of Luciana Fuster, who is now dating Patricio Parodi. As you remember, both spent the end of the year together

“I would not like Flavia to fall into that game that I’m with your ex too, that’s what I mean … Let’s hope it’s just a summer love, the summer fever, but stay there so as not to comment on those things,” he said at that time.

In addition, the model He apologized to Austin’s followers, and to the same model, but he also invoked reflection, since the protagonists know that possible ‘link’, it generates suspicion.

“I do not apologize if they took it that way, both Austin and his fans. But what I mean by how they are ex-partners of (Patricio and Luciana) is something to talk about. Nothing to see each one is in their own,” he told El Popular.

“And it is not necessary to remove pica, if there really is a true love, well time will tell, but in fact this brings many comments to remove pica,” he said.

Flavia Laos is harshly criticized for throwing a rocket near a puppy

Recall that Instarándula managed by Samuel Suárez shared a clip of Flavia Laos, which she would have deleted due to the strong criticism for animal abuse during the New Year, and that is that she harmed a puppy.

“This video Flavia eliminated at hours due to criticism by throwing a firecracker near a puppy,” the entertainment journalist wrote about it.