Brunella Horna and Valeria Piazza ‘fight’ over who is Ivana Yturbe’s best friend [VIDEO]

The models Valeria Piazza and Brunella Horna ‘fought’ to know who is the best friend of Ivana Yturbe, as they both consider that they are very close to the popular ‘Inca Princess’. However, the ‘blonde’ decided to send a dart to her driving partner to make it clear that she is the preferred one.

It all started when the reporter of the program asked who is a good friend of Ivana and both replied: “Me”

Brunella Horna at that time asked him if he was present at the marriage of the ‘Inca Princess’: “Were you at her wedding?”

“No, but they know why. You know why you went to Trujillo first and you planned everything to be at the wedding and I stayed to work,” defended Valeria Piazza.

Then Brunella Horna indicated that there are no problems because of who is the best friend. “Either of the two is her best friend. I have to confess that I am a good shout, she lives far away,” he said.

Brunella Horna remembers her fall when she imitated Britney Spears

Brunella Horna recalled the terrible fall she had when she imitated the singer Britney Spears for the Gisela Valcárcel dance contest.

“Mine was the same, I swear to God, it was the same. I disguised myself as Britney Spearse, they made me a lap and I got tangled in the lap. I stood there and started crying,” he said.