Brunella Horna announces her soon return to TV after the Richard Acuña scandal: “I miss you!”

The co-host of the program ‘America Today’, Brunella Horna, is absent from the program during these days and although the reason for it has not been revealed, apparently it is due to health problems. However, the businesswoman and model would soon return to the screens after the scandal starring Richard Acuña.

Brunella Horna He revealed through his Instagram account that he has been watching the program that he also hosts all these days and that it is ‘America Today’. Especially this Friday he turned on television when he saw that the production had decided that he was “present” thanks to an image of his size.

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businesswoman and model Brunella Hornacould not help but laugh at the occurrence of the production of “America Today” to later reveal that it will already be in front of the cameras in the next few days as we have already seen it. “I’ll be back soon! I miss you,” wrote the wife of Richard Acuna and reposting a post by his partner Janet Barboza.

Let us remember that in the last days, her husband Richard Acuna made news after his ex-partner Camila Ganoza revealed that she had suffered psychological aggression from him when they were a couple, in addition to infidelity, and that she recently took her youngest daughter on a trip without her permission, which caused her great anguish.

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What did Brunella Horna say about the discussion between Richard Acuña and Camila Ganoza?

Brunella Horna issued a statement after Richard Acuña and Camila Ganoza were on everyone’s lips, after she appeared on “Magaly TV La Firme” making a series of complaints against the former congressman of the Republic.

For the first time and three days after Camila Ganoza’s statements, he called on both parties to resolve their issues off the screens. “(…) Likewise, I call on both parents of the minor to reach an agreement and everything ends.”