Brunella Horna apologizes to Austin Palao for saying that Flavia Laos is on “another level”

Brunella Horna He apologized to Austin Palao and his fan club because, during the broadcast of the America shows program, he launched a harsh criticism of the images of the former reality boy with Flavia Laos. The model made a mea culpa for having said that the actress “is on another level” higher than him.

“I apologize to Austin and his fans. What I mean is that they being together, one being Luciana’s ex and another, Patricio’s ex, both have already left Peru and are internationally known, so I think it is not necessary to take a pike. If there is true love, time will tell. But that relationship brings comments, why take it out, “said the businesswoman.

She was affected by the wave of attacks she has received on social networks from the followers of the former member of Esto es guerra. He stated that he understands the reactions of the fans, but asked for respect for their opinion.

“I understand that everyone has their followers, I understand that the fans are intense, but I am telling the truth. I think it is not necessary for him to be involved in this, “he said.

Rumors about a love affair between Austin Palao and Flavia Laos originated after the two young men showed off together on New Year’s Eve. In the videos they shared, they appear laughing and very affectionate.