Brunella Horna asks Patricio Parodi to make Luciana Fuster official: “You don’t travel to Miami with friends”

He left with everything. Brunella Horna has been making people talk with her statements, and she did so again when she saw that Patricio Parodi and Luciana Fuster met in Miami.

Without mincing words, the businesswoman said everything she thinks of More Shows this Friday, January 7, and she went with everything to ensure what the relationship of the reality guys is for her.

Brunella Horna assured that Patrick Parodi Y Luciana Fuster yes they are together with a curious phrase. “I think that with that it is official, the relationship between Luciana Fuster and Patricio Parodi is already official. I have many friends, but I travel to Miami with no one,” he said.

When listening to her partner, Valeria Piazza also spoke out and assured that they are not just friends anyway. “What friendship is that? No one is kissing,” he said, to which ‘Baby Bru’ replied: “Of course, there is no denying it either.”

Moments later, Brunella Horna he went with everything again and assured that Patrick Parodi Y Luciana Fuster sThey only take Diego Rodríguez to accompany them in Miami so that no one suspects their romance and asked them to make it official.

“It’s official, gentlemen. What I ask myself is, what was Diego Rodríguez for? To record the stories? I think they do it so they don’t say anything, but you don’t have to hide, maybe in This is war, now Patricio has to make official, “he said.

“Diego is the screen so that he does not realize that Luciana is there,” he said. Brunella Horna, which had to be rectified LIVE after Melissa Paredes sent him a notarized letter.

Brunella Horna on Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda: “The relationship is official”

In More Shows, Brunella Horna She was surprised after the image of Melissa Paredes Y Anthony Aranda in the New Year, and assured that they would have already made it official.

“Another couple that we did not see is Melissa and the dancer, because with the photo … I was with his family. The relationship is official,” said Richard Acuña’s partner.