Brunella Horna attends the first year of Ivana Yturbe’s daughter with her pet: “They gave her a little surprise” [VIDEO]

The guest of honor. The popular influencer Ivana Yturbe with her husband Beto Da Silva They have decided to throw their house out the window to be able to celebrate the first birthday of their eldest daughter Almudena in a big way. For this reason, the parents invited several people from the Peruvian show business, but Brunella Horna caught everyone’s attention.

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This Saturday, October 8, the luxurious celebration of the baby’s birthday of the model and the soccer player as far as the Gamarra businesswoman came, who was surprised by the love of the married couple.

Through the official Instagram account of Brunella Horna it was possible to know some of the details of the gigantic party that has been taking place in Lima. However, nobody imagined that the ‘Baby Bru’ would take her little pet Chema as her companion.

Even the model Ivana Yturbe He decided to treat the puppy as if it were a child because they gave him his surprise, for his part, the driver of América Hoy was quite excited about the treatment of his pet who enjoyed the entire celebration. “They gave him a little surprise,” she wrote in one story.

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Brunella Horna on the girl with whom Rodrigo Cuba was sheltered: “It is said that she would be his cousin”

The Peruvian model Brunella Horna, surprised with a comment in the middle of the program. She referred to the young girl with whom the soccer player Rodrigo Cuba was sheltered in the city of Piura, and revealed what would be his identity. As it is remembered, Rodrigo Cuba was captured by a lady who would be called Jimena Gonzáles in a nightclub in Piura.

About, Brunella Horna he said that the girl would be the cousin of the ‘Gato’. “It is said on social networks that this girl from Piura would be her cousin,” the co-host of ‘América Hoy’ ended by saying, Brunella Hornasurprising her other live co-workers, for which she was questioned.