Brunella Horna believes that Alessia Rovegno could be summoned to This is War 2022: “I would love to”

The model Brunella Horna and Jazmín Pinedo recalled their participation in Esto es guerra admitting that the competitions were very difficult for them. They also referred to the possible summoned and imagined that it could be a jale to invite Alessia Rovegno, Hugo García’s partner.

In the More Shows program, the blonde considered that the model’s new girlfriend could join the reality show this 2022.

“I wonder if this 2022 will be Alessia Rovegno. I would love to, “he said.

In this regard, the ‘Chinita’ expressed that it seems like a very good idea and was encouraged to give an advice to the producer Peter Fajardo so that the sequence of competition of women and men returns again.

“They should do a versus of men and women and that they go invited (Alessia Rovegno). It would be a dream that cobras and lions return,” he said.

Vania Bludau distances herself from Alessia Rovegno for her friend Alexandra Balarezo

Vania Bludau shared a message for Alexandra Balarezo giving her support in one of her thoughtful social media posts. According to netizens, the brunette decided to distance herself from Alessia Rovegno, Hugo García‘s partner because of her friendship with the reality boy’s ex-partner.

“Love you”, he dedicated.