Brunella Horna breaks LIVE by revealing that she has a health problem: “It was terrible for me”

After being involved in the accusations of Camila Ganoza her husband Richard Acuña, Brunella Horna connected via phone call with “America Today”, a program of which she is the host and which she had stopped attending weeks ago. The businesswoman was heard with a broken voice from the “hello” that she said to her friends and fellow drivers, such as Ethel Pozo, Janet Barboza and Edson Davila, who were excited to hear his voice. The young model pointed out that giving up the magazine is one of the hardest things she has ever had to do, but she is forced to step aside due to a medical condition.

Brunella Horna reappears on the “América Hoy” program after the complaint made against her husband Richard Acuña. Photo: Composition LR / Brunella Horna / Instagram

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Brunella Horna announces her departure from “América hoy”

Brunella Horna said that she has gone through difficult situations in terms of her health and acknowledged that she made the mistake of not paying attention to the doctor, who asked her to rest. “This is a call to say not goodbye, but see you soon (…) I’m stepping aside for a while”said the TV host.

“Definitely, they have been difficult weeks for my health, it has not been easy at all. On the doctor’s recommendation, he told me that I should rest. I, all rebellious, ignored him because he wanted to continue working, “added Richard Acuña’s wife to give her viewers a context. Likewise, she pointed out that this medical rest does not have an end date, since it is according to her evolution, since “they have been hard days.”

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Brunella Horna reveals that she has had scares due to a medical condition

Ethel Well He stated that there was something behind what was happening to Brunella Horna that they could not tell, but that the public would soon find out. “The last day I went to Pachacamac I had the biggest scare of my life and I am telling you because you know what I am going through. The next day, you guys dropped everything and were with me.”recounted the young businesswoman.

“For me, it was a day that I cannot describe, it was terrible. As a result of this episode, I had to be on absolute rest. Now I’m in Chiclayo because I wanted to be with my parents and my grandparents”, added ‘Bubu’ with a broken voice. However, he later left intrigue by saying that he hopes that “the scare will soon go away to tell good news.”