Brunella Horna on Shirley Arica: “They are giving her a very juicy proposal in Ecuador”

Fire! Shirley Arica surprised many by achieving success after her appearance The Power of Love, and now her future abroad is better than ever, as Brunella Horna herself assured LIVE by giving details of what is coming for her.

A few days ago, the popular ‘Reality Girl’ left everything in Peru, where she was captured again with her ex-partner Rodney Pío Dean, and went to Ecuador, where she has been making her beautiful because she was presented in style as a pull from the Ecuavisa channel .

After these facts, Brunella Horna came out to speak and assured that Shirley arica has a great future abroad. “It was so controversial that many did not see a future here. In This is War I did not see it,” he said, to which Valeria Piazza joined.

“In Ecuador they are fighting for her, she will be a host in Ecuavisa (…) She has fans who love her very much, defend her and who want the best for her,” said the former Miss Peru.

After these words Brunella Horna She said that she has the same manager as the model and he told her that they are fighting to have her as a pull. “We have the same manager, Walter Pico, and he has told me that they are asking a lot for him in Ecuador, and they are giving him a very juicy proposal. He stays in Ecuador,” he declared with everything.

Valeria Piazza and Brunella Horna praise Shirley Arica: “She is succeeding in the world”

Days before, knowing that Shirley arica would be the new pull of Ecuavisa, in Ecuador, the hosts of Más Espectáculos were excited and filled her with praise LIVE. “I have been amazed with Shirley Arica, she is really succeeding in the world,” said Brunella Horna, to which Valeria Piazza joined in saying: “She has a pull Shirley Arica, people are dying for her.” Oops!