Brunella Horna remembers her brief stint at EEG: “I was there for a month and the producer told me: ‘Right there'”

It was not good at all. Brunella Horna remembered her days in This is War days after she claimed to have been the worst competitor, and again showed that she had a bad time.

The businesswoman first recalled her visit to Welcome in the afternoon, where she spent a few years talking about ‘Niño Alfredito’, played by Alfredo Benavides, who is now in serious legal trouble.

“The one who did that was Alfredo Benavides, he fell a lot when we were in Welcome in the afternoon, and I remember that we ate chizitos, he ate two and was already full,” he said.

However, they then asked Brunella Horna for This is war, and this is when she remembered her short stay with a sneer. “I was there for a month and Peter told me: ‘That’s just thanks.’

Moments later, the host elaborated why she did badly on reality. “I was super young, I came from Chiclayo with my suitcases, and I didn’t fight, I was very shy. I just cried, I cried because I was very afraid of doing things,” he said.

Finally, Brunella Horna He assured that he regretted some actions he had on the EEG set. “The problem is the adrenaline when you’re on a television set, then you go and say: ‘Wow, what happened?'”, He said. What has he been talking about?

Valeria Piazza and Brunella Horna declare themselves fans of Stephanie Cayo: “She’s the favorite”

Seeing a note from the Cayo family, the drivers of More ShowsThey filled Stephanie Cayo with praise but did not neglect Alessia Rovegno.

“I think Stephanie, I see her photos and I say: Wow,” said Brunella Horna, and Valeria Piazza joined her. “Of all the Cayos, she’s my favorite too, but Alessia is also super good. They all sing and dance,” he said.