Brunella Horna remembers her short participation in Esto es guerra: “I was there for a month”

Brunella Horna He was surprised to tell why he left This is War. The businesswoman revealed that she was on the program for a month and decided to leave it because some things happened. Before mentioning the reasons, Richard Acuña’s partner joked that Peter Fajardo announced his departure from the most watched reality show on América Televisión.

It all happened when they remembered Niño Alfredito personified by Alfredo Benavides, who participated in Welcome in the afternoon and shared the stage with the model. After that, the conductors of More shows recalled the passage of the Chiclayana through Esto es guerra and asked her. “How many seasons were you there?”

Horna responded immediately. “One month. Peter told me. ‘Just there, thank you.’ He had a few problems and I got out. I was half the season “ precise. “I was super young, I came from Chiclayo with my suitcases, and I didn’t fight, I was very shy. I just cried, I cried because I was very afraid of doing things, “he added.

The influencer has managed to be one of the media characters of the Peruvian show business and not only because of her scandals, but because of her endeavors. This time, Brunella Horna ruled out the possibility of becoming a mother or formalizing her relationship with Richard Acuña. “I accept that before I wanted to be a mother, until I had my puppy. I know it’s a drastic comparison, but Chema fills me up so much, he has his car and I treat him like a baby. Just today I had nowhere to leave it, I was going to bring it. Later on I will be a mother, for now I am Chema’s mother ”.

In the edition of More shows last Wednesday, January 5, Valeria Piazza and the businesswoman starred in a tense moment live to find out who is best friends with Ivana Yturbe. The host stated that she would like to be the godmother of the model’s daughter; However, Beto da Silva’s wife has not yet decided between the former Miss Peru and the former reality girl. While Brunella Horna boasted that she attended her friend’s wedding.