Brunella Horna remembers that she was shocked by the resignation of Allison Pastor: “I thought it was a joke”

The model Valeria Piazza returned to the conduction of More Shows and together with Brunella Horna commented on the resignations live that surprised in the year 2021. The ‘blonde’ could not avoid mentioning Allison Pastor, who decided not to continue in Reinas del Show despite to who could have been the winner of the contest.

Richard Acuña’s partner indicated that they could not believe it and that they contacted some friends to find out if it was true.

“When she resigned, I was watching and I said what is happening. This is a joke and I called some friends to see if it is true. And I said he resigned …”, he said.

For its part, Valeria piazza He considered that Allison Pastor could not imagine saying goodbye to the program and that it was the product of the emotion of the moment.

“I think I was not thinking of giving up, but when you are with excitement and adrenaline, things happen that you cannot control,” he said.

Brunella Horna explains why Gato Cuba’s father would approve of his son’s relationship

Brunella Horna is sure that Gato Cuba‘s father would agree with his son’s relationship with Ale Venturo, since she is not a media person.

“I think so, he passes the qualities that he requires. He is not from television, he is a businesswoman, he does not like scandals, he helps him eat fit,” he said.