Brunella Horna reveals that when she becomes a mother she will dedicate a year to her baby: “They will not see me”

Through an interview for More shows, Summer program on America Tv, the blonde Brunella Horna said that she is not looking to have a family with her boyfriend Richard Acuña for now, but when she does, she will dedicate herself to her baby for a full year.

According to the model and influencer, she is working hard and steady from now on so that she can afford not to work for a year to dedicate herself to raising her baby, what did she say?

“Well, we have been with Richard for four and a half years, it is a very stable relationship, with a lot of understanding, he does not live here (…) it is understanding and it is not easy to carry a relationship like this, we have managed to carry it with great respect, on everything, “he said first.

However, when asked about the seriousness of the matter, she said: “I have discussed it with my partner and not yet, in fact we are both with many work projects, no, not a baby, when I am a mother they will not see me, although Whether it’s the first year I’m going to dedicate myself to my baby, but right now I can’t take that luxury, I’m sowing, “he added.

Brunella Horna explains why Gato Cuba’s father would approve of his son’s relationship with Ale Venturo

The soccer player Rodrigo Cuba would have given himself a chance in love after his divorce with Melissa Paredes and he is seen to be very excited about his outings with Ale Venturo, Natalie Vértiz’s best friend, and with whom he was caught spending the New Year.

“Will Don Gato, Gato Cuba‘s father like it?” Said the ‘blonde’. Then he pointed out that this could be possible, since it meets the qualities that you want for a partner of the athlete.

“I think so, he passes the qualities that he requires. He is not from television, he is a businesswoman, he does not like scandals, he helps him eat fit,” said China.