Brunella Horna rules out having a child in the short term: “Later I will be a mother”

At 25 years old, Brunella Horna He has become one of the most media personalities of the national spectacle. The model has managed to make a name for herself not only for her continued appearances on television, but also for being a successful businesswoman who owns a beauty salon and her own clothing brand.

Along with this, the young woman has maintained a relationship for the last four years with the also businessman Richard Acuna. In this sense, the hints regarding marriage plans or about maternity have begun to be constant in the life of the Chiclayana.

For some time, Brunella Horna has made it clear that she rules out the possibility of becoming a mother in the short term or formalizing with César Acuña’s son. This was pointed out by the businesswoman herself during the last edition of the America TV entertainment segment, where she also pointed out that for now she is happy with her pet.

“I accept that before I wanted to be a mother, until I had my puppy. I know it’s a drastic comparison, but Chema fills me up so much, he has his car and I treat him like a baby. Just today I had nowhere to leave it, I was going to bring it. Later on I will be a mother, for now I am Chema’s mother ”, she pointed out.

Likewise, Richard Acuña’s partner specified that when he has his first child, he will fully dedicate himself to his upbringing, so for now he will seek to float his businesses that were hit hard during the pandemic.

“When I am a mother, I want to dedicate myself totally to my son, I want a sabbatical. I think that now I can’t do it, I want to be more financially stable … I have two companies: my hairdresser and my clothing brand. I had 17 stores until the pandemic, that’s why I have to get up, I can’t have children, “he added.